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Mardi gras 
My favorite pictures, scanned artwork, miscellaneous stuff.
-c - 197?  Alan D. Ezkovich
Kelev, August 1968
Jan's other brother
Kelev (1967-1984)

Kelev was a mutt. An estimated cross between a Foxhound & a German Shepard. He was the sweetest puppy I've ever known. I miss his terribly.
My penguin was not Peter Tork. 
--Rockhopper penguin -c - 2000 Jan Ezkovich Barnes
Peter Tork (portrait)
-c - 1997 Jan Ezkovich Barnes
James Lee Stanley
A few of my favorite places:
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Monkee meetings
Kelev, 1968.
Family gravesites (still in progress as of 7/07)